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Mark LaLiberte

Mark LaLiberte is a recognized industry trainer, author and consultant with more than two decades of experience. His focus is to help the building industry learn to build better homes and better businesses. Mark has a deep personal commitment to his work and strives to help his clients increase the performance of the homes that they build and translate those changes into business success.

In high demand, Mark reaches more than 8,000 builders in the U.S. a year through his private services, and has been a featured speaker at such events as the NAHB International Builders Show, PCBC, Sunbelt Builders Show, and JLC Live conferences. He was a co-creator of the Houses That Work™ program, an educational series provided by the Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA) which is based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program, and has served in an advisory capacity on the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Program and the Minnesota Energy Code Advancement Project.  On an international scale, Mark has provided training to members of the Warsaw, Poland housing industry and the International Housing Symposium in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to being the onscreen guide for BKI’s Building Better Homes Series, Mark’s media involvement includes his role as a spokesperson for the Ad Council’s Energy Hog Campaign, and appearances as an on-camera content expert in TLC’s Home Pro and Home Savvy series and the PBS Hometime series.