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What is IceStone?
IceStone is made with 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix to create a sustainable concrete surface. IceStone durable surfaces are produced in slabs, just like marble and granite. IceStone durable surfaces are the first and only Cradle to Cradle™ certified surfaces in the world and come in a wide variety of colors.

What can IceStone durable surfaces be used for?

IceStone durable surfaces are ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tabletops, flooring, bar tops, conference tables, window sills, and fireplace surrounds. You can use IceStone anywhere you would use mined stone.

Can IceStone surfaces be used for flooring?
IceStone surfaces can be used for flooring – it passed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for slip resistance; however, an authorized fabricator will have to convert the slabs into tiles.

Can IceStone durable surfaces be used outdoors?
Yes IceStone surfaces passed a 300-cycle freeze thaw test. Honing or sandblasting the product, then sealing it to create a surface texture will improve slip resistance. IceStone surfaces are also UV resistant so the color will not fade or change in the sunlight.

What are the dimensions of an IceStone slab?
Each slab measures 52.5 inches wide, 96 inches long and 1.25 inches thick.

How much does IceStone durable surfaces weigh?
Each IceStone slab weighs approximately 16.3 lbs. per square foot.

Are IceStone surfaces durable?

IceStone surfaces are extremely durable and strong – IceStone is twice the strength of marble.

How are IceStone durable surfaces fabricated and installed?
IceStone durable surfaces are fabricated using standard stone cutting equipment. IceStone provides fabrication and installation guidelines to our distributor network that cover the quality standards required when installing IceStone surfaces. Authorized IceStone fabricators must comply with these guidelines to assure the highest quality installations.

What finishes are available for IceStone durable surfaces?
IceStone surfaces are shipped out of Brooklyn with a high-gloss polished finish, but slabs can be honed or sandblasted by a fabricator.

What edge details are available for IceStone surfaces?
IceStone recommends using one of the following edge finishes - bullnose (half or full), pencil, eased, or planter. Your fabricator will be able to show you examples of each edge finish.

Does IceStone need to be sealed?
Yes. Our fabricator network follows a recommended sealing process. Once the product is installed, we recommend monitoring the surface. If you notice water no longer beads up on it, then it is time to re-seal and wax the surface. We recommend for commercial installations, end users should reseal their surface every year. For residential installations, end users should reseal every two to five years.

What sealants are best to use on IceStone surfaces?
IceStone recommends using one of the following sealant products – Aquamix Penetrating Sealer, Buddy Rhodes National Look Sealer and Satin Sealer, or Bulletproof by StoneTech Pro.

How do you care and maintain your IceStone surface?
While IceStone surfaces are extremely durable and eco-friendly, the surface does require some maintenance and care. Just like mined granite and marble, IceStone surfaces can stain if not cared for correctly. Here are some quick tips to keep your IceStone surface beautiful:

• Wipe up spills quickly
• Clean the surface regularly with a mixture of water and stone cleaner or mild dish soap

IceStone recommends TileLab Grout & Tile Cleaner, TileLab OneStep Cleaner & Resealer, Simple Green Stone Cleaner, or 7th Generation’s All Purpose Cleaner. Avoid any commercial, ammonia, or bleach-based cleaners – they may strip the sealer over time and make the surface more susceptible to stains. To add an extra layer of protection, we suggest applying a carnauba wax product two to three times a year. IceStone recommends Simple Green’s Stone Polish or Cheng’s Concrete Countertop Wax (please use sparingly). For more specific information on how to properly care and maintain your IceStone surface, please review the IceStone Care & Maintenance Guide.

If an IceStone surface stains, can it be removed?
Yes - IceStone provides specific guidance in its Care & Maintenance Guide on how to easily remove stains.

Is IceStone heat resistant?
IceStone surfaces are heat resistant, but the sealer may not be. Therefore, to maintain the integrity of the sealer, we recommend using either a hot pad or a trivet to keep hot pots and pans off the surface.

Can you cut directly on IceStone surfaces?
Yes, but IceStone recommends using a cutting board to preserve your knives.

What does the NSF mark represent?
The NSF mark represents that IceStone surfaces have been tested by NSF International, an independent certification company. NSF certifies that IceStone surfaces are suitable for use in food service areas.

Where can I purchase IceStone product and how much does it cost?
IceStone is distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can view a list of IceStone distributors and showrooms through our Showroom Locator. The cost of IceStone surfaces is dependent on the color selection, size and scope of project. Please contact an authorized showroom in your area to obtain detailed pricing information.