Solar Skies: Engaging the Sun
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SS-32 Solar Skies Series Collector

Flat Plate Solar Collector, 1 inch headers, 4 x 8 feet

Generate hot water and space heating for homes, apartment complexes and commercial businesses. Heat water 80% less expensively than when using photovoltaic systems for same purpose. Interface seamlessly with radiant floor heating systems.

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SS-32 Solar Skies Series Collector

The SS-Series has set a new standard in solar thermal collector excellence by offering both excellent performance and structural integrity. SS-Series collectors have been successfully utilized in all facets of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • A. Corner brackets Architectural aluminum angles inside with special pin grip rivets insure high stability. An additional corner seal produces the water tightness.
  • B. Low-iron tempered glass Exclusively using the new "High-T" tempered glass with an iron oxide content of less than 1% and total solar energy transmission of greater than 91%.
  • C. Coatings Selective Crystal Clear.
  • D. Full Copper Absorber The heat transfer is optimized by the high frequency Thermafin™ forge weld which creates a crystalline homogeneous connection between the fin and the riser. Focus window shows absorber joint magnified 800 times.
  • E. Foil-faced Poly-isocyanurate Insulation Thermax Sheathing
  • F. EPDM Grommets
  • G. Embossed Aluminum Backsheet
  • H. "Quick Lock" Mounting Frame The variable Quick Lock mounting hardware reduces mounting time and makes it simple for anyone to install. The Quick Lock System allows the highest flexibility in mounting and is tested to wind load conditions of 181mph. Mounting possibilities include: Pitched-roof, Flatroof, Ground, Balcony, and Facade mounting. Focus window shows Quick Lock Mounting cross-section.
  • I. Glass Gasket ...a UV durable EPDM channel with molded corners assures long life and avoids all water penetration.
  • J. Aluminum Extruded Batten No silicon is used. Ribbed aluminum extrusions and a smooth compressed EPDM gasket provide water tightness. This allows easy access to the collector for repair or maintenance at any time or location.
  • K. Aluminum Frame and Lightweight Construction ...this facilitates long life and strength. The frame is powder coated in an attractive medium bronze color.


  • 1 inch header (standard)
  • Gross area: 31.91
  • Dimensions: 97.25 x 47.25 inches
  • Transparent Area: 29.93SF
  • Weight: 113 lbs.

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